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Serving Excellence on Every Plate: VI Exports’ Premium Basmati Rice Worldwide.


About Us

Who We are

VI Export of Companies was established in 2017. From its modest beginnings in 1907, as a small business house, it has grown into a large multinational conglomerate in India with a steadily rising annual turnover. The Group has been transformed into a multinational corporate house with activities spread across several continents and achieved incredible turnover. VI Export is a Star Trading House. We are one of the biggest exporters of rice from India.

It has regularly been making bulk shipments of the commodity during the season, packing at one time in 16 ships loaded in a month. We export Basmati rice to Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, South East Asia, and the Middle East. Our offices and associates are spread in various parts of the globe, including Geneva, USA, UK, Singapore, Dubai, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Oman.


Our Strengths

Research & Development

The goal is to improve the quality of head rice, increase yields, and reduce costs. Our ability to create new seed varieties directly impacts our research efforts.

Quality Control

We place customer satisfaction as our top priority, which is our entire strategy’s main goal. We accomplish this through our total dedication to high quality.


We place the greatest emphasis on the procurement process and believe it to be the first crucial step to guaranteeing the highest quality. We brook no compromises, no shortcuts.

Seed Development

The overall quality of the crops largely rests upon the high quality of seeds. This is why we are taking conscious steps to protect the seed. We put the greatest emphasis on purchasing and believe it is the first crucial step to guaranteeing the highest quality.

Our Achievement's

The Group boasts a rich legacy and has achieved several remarkable milestones in its century-old history. The major achievements of the Group are as follows:

The Group has been honored 17 times by the Ministry of Commerce (APEDA), Government of India, over many years. These awards recognize the Group’s exemplary performance and significant contribution to earning valuable foreign exchange for the Country. Furthermore, the Group holds the unique distinction of being the only company in the rice industry to have received the Golden Trophy for the highest Agro Commodity exports from India, spanning all categories.
The Group is the first exporter to have shipped 5000 MT of Basmati Rice from India to Europe, a significant milestone achieved in 1978. The Group set an unbroken record by loading and shipping 17 full shiploads in a single month, a feat that stands unmatched to date.

award -Achievement's


The Group proudly operates three state-of-the-art processing facilities strategically located across India. These facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure consistent quality and efficient processing of our diverse product range.Here’s an overview of each facility:


Singhu, Delhi with a Capacity of 700 MTs / Day 


Kundali, Haryana with a CapacityOf 1000 MTs / Day


Gandhidham, Gujarat with a Capacity Of  1300 MTs / Day

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