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Private Label Non-Basmati Rice: VI Exports Sets the Standard

Experience flavor and fragrance with the World's Finest Non-Basmati Rice. Our grains are nurtured in the heartland, where centuries of tradition meet modern excellence.

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Unleash your brand's potential with VI Exports' private label non-basmati rice

Unleash your brand's potential with VI Exports' private label non-basmati rice

VI Exports is pleased to offer private labeling for our premium non-Basmati rice, providing the same high quality and great experience to companies wishing to market and sell their brand-specific rice products with their brand. Our private labeling program is carefully tailored to meet the needs and preferences of each of our customers, creating a distinctive brand in their product lineup. From selecting the ideal product and quality control through packaging design and customization to product customization services – we collaborate closely with partners to create products that reflect their values as brands. Retailers, distributors, or food service suppliers looking to expand their product offerings, utilizing VI’s expertise and reputation for product quality and customer service excellence, can confidently look to VI Exports’ private labeling. You can use the service. Discover the possibilities of private labeling of non-basmati rice through VI Exports’ commitment to quality!

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Non Basmati Rice
5% Parboiled Rice
private lable non basmati rice
5% Broken White Rice
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25% Broken Rice
100% Broken Rice
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