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Top Basmati Rice Exporters in India 2024

Top Basmati Rice Exporters in India 2024

India is predominantly known for its aromatic and flavorful Basmati rice. Hence, the nation successfully established itself as the trusted exporter of this prized grain globally. With a pristine agricultural heritage and a dedication to excellence, India boasts several basmati rice exporters who consistently deliver extraordinary quality to the global market. In this blog, let’s delve into the ever-changing industry of basmati rice exportation in India, shedding light on the leading names, importance, key factors, and challenges.

The Significance of Basmati Rice in India

The Significance of Basmati Rice in India

Basmati rice is exceptional in Indian cuisine, tradition, and culture. Popular for its unique aroma, delicate texture, and slender grains, basmati rice is a staple in almost every Indian household. It is used to cook a diverse range of appetizing dishes. The special grain has a vital role in several India festivals and special occasions, adding an unparalleled scent and taste to celebratory meals. Most importantly, its demand extends far beyond the borders of India, which makes it an exceptionally sought-after commodity in the global market.

List of Top 10 Basmati Rice Exporters in India 2024

Among the top Basmati rice exporters in India, here are the names of the most trusted ones: 

  • Vi Exports

Vi Exports is one of the trusted names in the basmati rice export industry, established in 1907. They are known to navigate the complicated scenes of global trade regulations, certifications, and logistics to successfully export this jewel grain to different parts of the globe. With extensive knowledge and expertise, they can easily predict the rising demand and meet expectations of quality basmati rice. They are known for their wide range of basmati rice that’s pure, authentic, and flavorful. 

  • Shri Lal Mahal Group

As one of India’s biggest basmati rice exporters, Shri Lal Mahal was fully established in 1907 and slowly developed into a massive multinational conglomerate of India. They play an integral part in the basmati rice export sector by facilitating trade and preserving the heritage of basmati rice. They are successfully satisfying the palates of numerous rice lovers worldwide, maintaining the authenticity and flavor of the grain. 

  • SM Oversea INC

SM Oversea INC is fully dedicated to following sustainable farming practices and environmentally friendly procedures. Moreover, they use advanced technology to improve efficiency and decrease their operation’s carbon footprint. 

  • Ajy Global Trade

Ajy Global Trade is a renowned name across the Indian basmati export market. They are known for their fine-quality basmati rice from the lush green fields. With sophisticated processing technology and a massive distributor network, the company has gained trust for excellence and the reputation of satisfied customers globally. 

  • Veer Overseas Ltd

Veer Overseas Ltd. is among the topmost names among the Indian basmati rice exporters. Founded in 1970, the company is a pioneering force in delivering magnificent quality basmati grains to domestic and international markets. 

  • Chaman Lal Setia Exports Ltd

Chaman Lal Setia Exports Ltd., with its flagship brand ‘Maharani’ basmati rice, is one of India’s excessively dedicated basmati rice companies. Founded in 1974 in Punjab, India, they are widely known for their fair dealings and impressive business practices. It has become the biggest manufacturer-exporter of basmati rice because of managing the high global demand. 

  • Vir Rice Mills

One of India’s leading basmati rice producers and exporters, Vir Rice Mills has extensively helped the nation promote international trade. The company is known for its easy access to markets globally by delivering fine-quality basmati rice. 

  • Meer Overseas Export

Meer Overseas Export is a reputed name in the export industry. The company is known for its extensive selection of rice-based products like basmati and non-basmati rice. Most importantly, they have a range of choices for their customers, which is why they can meet the diverse needs of customers. 

  • Naya Export

Naya Export is fully dedicated to providing basmati rice at a cost-effective price without sacrificing its quality and authenticity. Their prices are reasonable and suitable for people or brands with limited or less budget. 

  • Rohit Exports

Established in 2018, Rohit Exports is the sole proprietorship firm known as the trusted wholesale trader and exporter of quality basmati rice. They have a massive clientele base in the rice export market because of their premium long-grain and medium-grain basmati rice. The company is successfully exporting basmati rice to Malaysia, Dubai, and Singapore.

How to Identify Reliable Basmati Rice Exporters?

Finding a reputed and trusted rice exporter ensures a stress-free import process. Here are a few essential aspects to consider when evaluating basmati rice exporters in India: 

Reputation: Check the industry significance of the exporter through online reviews or testimonials. Make sure to even go through the reviews written by past buyers or clients. 

Certifications: Check if the exporter possesses appropriate certification like HACCP, ISO, or organic certification, proving their commitment to premium quality.

Experience: Take the exporter’s experiences and knowledge into consideration. Go through their previous record of success in the global rice export market. 

Infrastructure: Check the infrastructure of the export company, including the facility for processing, storage capacities, and logistic capabilities. 

Customer Support: Evaluate the export’s customer service and their time to respond to your concerns and doubts. 

Challenges Faced by Rice Companies in India

Even though rice exports in India are a massive success in business, there are still issues here and there. Concerns like changes in weather patterns can impact the rice crop’s yield, increase yield, and disturb supply chains. 

Most importantly, the basmati rice export industry is a highly competitive market as several companies are looking to invest in a piece of business. This leads to companies being at the top of their game and improving their business efficiency.

On the other hand, costs for basmati rice prices are decided by multiple factors, including how government officials work, the demand of an international market, and the amount of basmati rice produced in total. Though, it’s vital to see that premium quality basmati rice is usually worth the investment, as it delivers an unparalleled culinary experience.


All in all, basmati rice exporters in India have played a pivotal role in establishing the country’s position as a global pioneer in rice exportation. With their unflagging dedication to quality, authenticity, and customer satisfaction, these exporters have promoted the superlative flavors and fragrances of basmati rice globally. 

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