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Top 10 Rice Exporters In India 2024

Top 10 Rice Exporters In India 2024

Rice is known as a staple in most diets around the world, especially in India. However, it plays a vital role in boosting the nation’s economy as a prominent export commodity. Owing to its rich agricultural heritage, India has benefited from its diverse climate conditions and fertile lands to emerge as a trusted rice exporter. In fact, the economic connotations of rice export from India have reached beyond the country’s borders, largely influencing global trade relations and contributing massively to India’s GDP.

The Global Rice Export Landscape

Here are some of the prominent varieties of Rice: 

In a world hungry for nutritious ingredients, rice is the thread that ties countries together. It is a grain loved in India as well as the whole world, with a massively growing demand. This increasing demand, directed by rising populations and changing dietary preferences, has pushed India into a major role within the international rice market. 

As countries are involved in the exchange of this primary grain, the market is led by prominent players who are the pioneers in this industry. Thailand, China, and Vietnam are some of the key players alongside India as prime contributors to the global rice trade. 

Most importantly, India’s contribution to the international rice trade goes beyond just sheer volume. Its varied range of rice varieties, paired with cost-effective production, puts it in a formidable position. In fact, it is the nation’s potential to meet different market preferences, in terms of flavor and price, which separate and ensure a constant flow of rice to households worldwide.

List of Top-Rated Rice Exporters In India 2023-2024

Here are the leading names of the top-rated rice exporters in India

1. Vi Exports

  • Vi Exports is one of the popularly known powerhouses of rice, based in New Delhi, India. The company is primarily known for cultivating, processing, manufacturing, and exporting basmati rice and other agricultural products. Due to years of experience and knowledge, they have successfully built an immaculate reputation in serving brown, raw, steam, white, Sella/parboiled, and golden sella rice globally. The company’s core policies include following strict and hygienic standards for processing and packing the rice. They are well aware of the growing demand and expectations of quality rice and, thus, know how to meet those set expectations with the best quality. 

2. Shri Lal Mahal Group

  • Shri Lal Mahal Group of companies is one of the largest rice exporters in India, established in 1907. It merely started as a small business house back in 1907, but today, it stands as the largest multinational conglomerate of India with growing annual turnover. The company has transformed into a multinational corporate house with its reach spread across the globe. 

3. Rohit Exports

  • Established in 2018, Rohit Exports is the sole proprietorship firm widely known as the leading wholesale trader and exporter. Based in Pune, Maharashtra, the company deals in premium quality basmati, long grain, and medium grain rice. Moreover, the company has successfully achieved a massive client base in the rice market. It largely exports rice to countries like Malaysia, Dubai, and Singapore. 

4. Mahavir Rice & Gen. Mills

  • Founded in 1985, Mahavir Rice Mills in Assandh, Karnal district, Haryana, India. The company specializes in rice manufacturing and exporting rice to numerous countries with a massive customer base. MRM is widely known as the “TWO Star Export House of India” by the Indian government under ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2008, and as a GMP & HACCP-certified company. Today, it is associated with steady growth, marking its pristine presence in the food grain industry by delivering quality rice. The company constantly tries to adopt and apply advanced technology and management practices in its processing and marketing stages. 

5. P.K.Overseas P.LTD

  • Since its establishment, P.K. Overseas (P) Ltd. has been on the rise from strength to strength. Within the rice industry, this company is known for its unparalleled quality of Agri products, undeniable expertise, and customer contentment. They firmly believe that the customer is the prime ruler of the market with the right to demand the top quality product. Considering that policy in mind, P.K.Overseas has successfully put efforts into creating and offering only the best to its customers. 

6. KRBL Limited 

  • Based in Uttar Pradesh, India, KRBL Limited is a leading rice processing and exporting company and the world’s biggest rice miller. The company is widely recognized for its India Gate brand of basmati rice, which is the most renowned selling rice brand throughout the nation. With sufficient industry experience, it has established its place as the top player in the rice industry. Their goal is to expand their reach in the global rice market with quality rice.

7. ASM Global INC

  • ASM Global INC Maharashtra is a leading Indian rice brand known for delivering perfection. The flavor, taste, and aroma are attained through their quality seeds, top-tier production, and unmatched processing technology. They strive to maintain the identity of Indian rice in the global market. With its advanced infrastructure, productive team, advanced processing, and tactical management, this company is reaching towards being the star of the industry. The prime focus of the company is to follow storage, processing, packaging, and quality control standards. 

8. Galore Impex

  • Operating since 2018, Galore Impex is managing its business functions as a merchant exporter and supplier. The company is proficient in delivering premium quality products on time, with effective communication and a professional approach towards the business. They take product quality to be of supreme significance, which makes them a recognized and approved name in the rice export industry. 

9. Bharat Cereals Pvt. Ltd.

  • Located in Taraori, Karnal, Bharat Cereals Pvt. Ltd. is a leading hub of premium basmati rice. The company’s core value is to reach as many households as possible, using advanced resources in milling and manufacturing the products. It ensures they prepare their product based on the specifications of the global market to increase their demand. Their goal is to expand their wings far by making their products global and entering the highly competitive export industry. 

10.HRL Food

  • Founded in 1990, HRL Foods Pvt. Ltd. is one of the trusted companies in the Agri market engaged in manufacturing and supplying premium quality rice. The company deals in long grain, broken rice, Parmal, and Sharbati. They are well-respected and favored by global clients, mainly for their hygiene, safe packaging practices, good taste of the products, and on-time delivery. The company has a talented team of hard-working professionals, skilled farmers, and global stakeholders. 


As India moves forward as a global rice export pioneer, the significance of constant innovation, collaboration, and adaptability is evident. All these factors typically decide the direction of India’s rice export industry, molding its influence on the global level. Thus, from the diverse ranges cultivated by the land to the journeys of exporters who bridge nations, every factor is evidence of the mutual relationship between rice and India’s economic growth. 

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