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All About Non Basmati Rice

At Non-Basmati Rice World, we aim to offer a selection of non-basmati rice grains to suit every palate and preference. Although non-Basmati is often overlooked, millions of people around the globe rely on it as their staple food source, and it helps provide sustenance in many homes while adding a sense of warmth and coziness to mealtimes.

This Rice comes in various shapes, colors, and sizes. Each variety boasts its flavor and texture – Sona Masoori Ponni are some of the shorter grains known for being sticky, ideal for dishes like biryani and risotto; medium grain varieties like Jasmine Ambemohar serve up firmer textures perfect for paella and sushi, while long grains such as Parboiled Indrayani offer fluffy light consistency perfect for pilaf and fried rice dishes.

Non-Basmati Rice is carefully selected from top fields and regions for premium quality. As we recognize that rice quality can make an enormous difference to the result of any dish, we take great pride in only offering top-grade non-Basmati. You can depend on it as the basis for all your culinary masterpieces, whether professional or home cooking projects!

Non-Basmati has cultural significance around the globe beyond its culinary uses, beyond being versatile in cooking. For many cultures, it serves as a staple food at family meals, festivals, and celebrations of everyday pleasures in life. Each grain represents tradition, nourishment, and celebrating life’s simple joys.

Our selection of rice hailing from various regions offers unique flavor profiles and characteristics, offering a global culinary journey! Enjoy aromatic Thai Jasmine rice or the nutty, aromatic Texmati varieties; our selection has something to please every palette.

Why did India Ban The Export of Non-Basmati Rice?

Why did India Ban The Export of Non-Basmati Rice?

Why did India Ban The Export of Non-Basmati Rice? What is Non-Basmati Rice? Non-basmati rice is typically grown and cultivated in India’s northern and southern areas. It is produced in the coastal plains and nurtured with well-processed milling. With the diverse flavors and scents of one another, the rice variety has unique characteristics. Non-basmati rice […]

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